Sales and Installation

Sales and Installation

One of the best qualities of the client base we serve is that there are familiar with different types of products. If there is a product that is hard to find, we can help locate it and get it ordered.
To better serve our market, carpet and other flooring installations accepted by Carpetflooringco have minimum job size requirements. Carpet installations project start at 100 sqyds and hard-surfaces start at 500 sqft. Materials that are sold without installation have no minimum requirements.

Preferred Manufactures
  • Mohawk flooring
  • Shaw industries
  • JJ Haines flooring
  • Armstrong flooring
  • Bruce Hardwood
  • Coretec flooring
  • Fabbrica flooring
  • Padding

  • Residential Carpet - $12.50 sy
  • Commercial Carpet - $11.50 sy
  • Carpet tile - $10.50 sy
  • Hardwood - $4.50 sf
  • LVP - $3.50 sf
  • Shoe moulding - $1.95 sf

Property Management

Working with property management teams, and finding solutions for their flooring projects has been great over the years. We know turning over units, and keeping tenants satisfied is your top priority. So when it comes to being consistent and completing a flooring project on time, results speak volumes. From handling small flooring repairs to installing carpet throughout in multi-unit properties, rest assured your flooring needs are met with us.

Real Estate Groups

Are you a real estate agent or a real estate broker? You may even have a good amount of investment properties in your portfolio. When it comes to dealing with real estate professionals, the entrepreneurial spirit is hard to match. With your clients concerns and expectations being of upmost importance, arming yourself with a flooring resource can be needed to close the deal. The confidence that comes from having a list of reliable contractors can felt by your clients. Allow us to partake with you, in the process of making it a point to exceed your clients expectations!

Out of State Investors

If you own or manage units from out of state, it can be a hassle to find a reliable contractor to work with. Keeping units occupied is at the top of list, and that means turning units over fast. By working with us, you’ll be able to avoid wasting time and enjoy a peace of mind by knowing at the top of our list is bringing the best flooring solutions to projects.

24hr Installation

By being a valued customer you’ll have access to take advantage of our 24hr installation service. Just mark a date on the schedule and we’ll make it out to get the project complete!

Monthly Newsletter

Subscribe and keep up to date on our monthly discounted deals, and stay tuned with valuable content that keeps you ahead of the competition. Every flooring project comes with its own roadblocks, working in an ever changing flooring industry requires attention to details, doing so can save tons of wasted time and unwanted headache.

Real estate Investor

Make us your go to when it comes to flooring sales and installation. While you continue to grow your real estate portfolio and seek to acquire more units, allow us to bring the best solutions to your flooring projects. At the core of our business strategy, we believe in developing genuine relationships that aid reaching your business goals. Turning a great profit comes from being able to execute a well-thought out plan. Our installation teams handle residential and commercial projects, allowing us to get the job done whether it’s a small repair that your maintenance team is too busy to handle or the acquisition of a new multi unit complex needing new floors throughout the entire building. Along with our skilled workforce, we specialize in supplying the latest up to date flooring material you can find, making us your one stop shop streamlining your flooring process.

Why we work with our target market?


Simply put, growing up in the business, realtors, property managers, and real estate investors were always the coolest people to interact with. As I grew up, I realized that a large part of the reason as to why these professionals were intriguing to me was that just like us they were there working to do a great job for their family and clients as well.

Among others qualities, they are familiar with how flooring projects are handled and in most cases they know exactly what they want.
By specializing in providing flooring services for our target market, we are set out in capturing our piece of the market simply by nurturing our current client base and consistently developing new relationships daily.